Our company was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Tanzhou Town in 2023"


On February 19, 2024, Tanzhou Town held the "2024 Tanzhou Town High Quality Development Conference", in which the outstanding economic and social contribution enterprises of Tanzhou Town in 2023 were commended, and our company was awarded the "2023 Tanzhou Town Outstanding Contribution Award".


Being awarded this honor is not only a high recognition of our social contribution by the government, but also a motivation and encouragement for our future work. Our company will take this honor as the driving force, optimize management internally, establish a good image externally, continue to promote service innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation, continuously absorb advanced technology and scientific management experience, strive to enhance industrial competitiveness, improve product quality level, technological innovation ability, and enterprise management level. Under the guidance and assistance of the leaders of the town party committee and government, we have carried out various tasks with down-to-earth dedication.


In the future, our company will continue to muster up enthusiasm, strengthen confidence, take the initiative, continuously innovate, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Zhongshan City and Tanzhou Town!